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Hello goddess,

It's my deepest honor to celebrate your divine feminine essence with my handmade treasures. These adornments are made to remind you that you are worthy, beautiful, sensual and sacred.

Birthed from the surreal beauty of Moorea, an island that has been calling me in my dreams and visions for 15 years.

Lots of love and pleasure,

- Tanja

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Gift your loved one an adornment to decorate her body temple. Empower her and celebrate her divine nature.

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The diamonds of the sea

Our brand was born from our signature black Keshi pearl pieces. Recently, we found out that nature has stopped producing new oysters and these beautiful pearls have become incredibly rare. There will be no more new pearls for at least two more years. We have a very limited number of pieces made with them.

Black Pearl Collection

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White Freshwater Pearls

Aphrodite Collection

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty, and she is known for embracing her sexuality.

This collection is made to activate deep rememberance in your body of the sacredness of your sensuality, fertility, pleasure, eternal youth, and inner beauty.

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Lemuria Collection

Apatite is the stone of unconditional love & speaking your truth.

Made to activate your heart chakra to lead your life from your truth, rather than your conditioning or fear. It helps you give and receive love with no expectations. May it help you keep your heart open in the vastness of duality in life.

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Rose Freshwater Pearls


Rose pearls symbolize love, luxury, passion and beauty.

These pieces were created to awaken the soft nurturing energy of your feminine essence. They will help you soften and open your heart to receive.

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Peach Freshwater Pearls


Bathing in abundant and sensual energy, these gentle peach pearls represent prosperity, creativity, sensuality and courage.

They are connected to your sacral chakra, and wearing them will help you feel embodied in your beautiful temple; radiant, abundant and sensual.

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⊹ Born in the mystical island of Moorea, French Polynisia ⊹

⊹ A letter from our founder ⊹