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Aphrodite 5 Pearls Necklace

Aphrodite 5 Pearls Necklace

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A necklace adorned with five pearls offers an air of opulence and a deeper connection to your inner goddess.

Materials: 14k gold filled chain, wire and clasp; white sweet water pearls, 14k gold plated extender. 

Length: 41cm with a 5cm extender

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A Sensual Symphony


Wearing the Aphrodite Necklace is like a sacred ode to your sensuality, igniting a profound remembrance of its sacredness within your body. This necklace is an homage to Aphrodite, the goddess of Love and Beauty, who unapologetically reveled in her own sensuality.


Adorned with glistening white sweetwater pearls, this necklace becomes a conduit for awakening your inner fertility, pleasure, eternal youth, and inner beauty. Freshwater pearls, symbolic of inner wisdom, clarity, purity, and harmony, walk beside you on this transformative journey.


These pearls share a deep connection with the element of water, guiding you through the labyrinth of your emotions and soul. They emit a gentle, nurturing energy, helping you attract abundance and wealth into your life.



Pearls act as protectors, shielding you from the onslaught of negative energy, ensuring your aura remains pristine and unspoiled. They inspire unswerving loyalty and truth, particularly to yourself, encouraging you to unveil the treasures concealed just beneath the surface.


For millennia, pearls have graced the regalia of queens and empresses, signifying not just their wealth, but also their formidable feminine power. In the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, pearls are the tears of joy, shed by Aphrodite, the goddess of love.


This collection has been handcrafted in my home island, Moorea. It's here that I find inspiration in the songs of the birds, the gentle whispers of the wind, and the rhythmic lull of the crashing waves. The essence of this feminine island infuses and amplifies the magic and frequency of your adornment.


5 Pearls: A necklace adorned with five pearls offers an air of opulence and a deeper connection to your inner goddess.


  • Chain, wire & clasp: 14k gold-filled.
  • Extender is 14k gold plated
  • White sweet water pearls







  • 41cm with a 5cm extender (5 pearls)


For inquiries or personal touches, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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