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Lakshmi Handchain

Lakshmi Handchain

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Wearing this handchain transforms you into a symbol of sensuality, abundance, and creativity, infusing everything you touch with vibrant energy. This pieces is guided by freshwater pearls that unlock inner wisdom, clarity, and purity while safeguarding your aura from negativity and revealing hidden treasure. 

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  • Chain, wire & clam: 14k gold filled
  • Extender: 14k gold plated
  • White & Peach sweet water pearls
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Elevate Your touch


The Lakshmi Handchain is your radiant path to sensuality and prosperity, where abundant and sensual energy emanates from the heart of your beautiful temple.


Soothing and gentle peach-colored pearls are the embodiment of prosperity, creativity, sensuality, and courage. They intertwine with your sacral chakra, kindling the flames of youthfulness, warmth, and the allure of sexual energy.


Wearing this handchain on your fingers, you become an embodiment of sensuality, abundance, and creativity. Everything you touch becomes anointed with your vibrant energy, a symphony of sensuality and creativity.


Freshwater pearls, connected to water, become your guides on an inner journey. They unlock inner wisdom, clarity, purity, and harmony, fostering your sensuality and awakening the inner goddess.


Pearls act as your protective shield, guarding against negativity and preserving the purity of your aura. They kindle loyalty and truth, particularly to yourself, unveiling the treasures that shimmer beneath the surface.

Pearls have adorned queens and empresses for centuries, symbolizing their wealth and feminine power. In Greek mythology, they are hailed as the tears of joy, shed by Aphrodite, the goddess of love.


This collection has been handcrafted in my home island, Moorea. It's here that I find inspiration in the songs of the birds, the gentle whispers of the wind, and the rhythmic lull of the crashing waves. The essence of this feminine island infuses and amplifies the magic and frequency of your adornment.


If you wish for any adjustments, please leave us a note, and we'll gladly craft your adornment to align with your unique essence.


Chain, wire & clasp: 14k gold filled

Extender: 14k gold plated

White and peach sweet water pearls




Finger: 10cm

Centerpiece: 6cm

Hand: 51cm with a 5cm extender


The Lakshmi Handchain can also be gracefully worn as a necklace, transforming your adornment to suit the moment.


Should you need any adjustments, kindly leave us a note. It's our delight to tailor your adornment to your unique essence.

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