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Selene Body Chain

Selene Body Chain

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Trust your inner wisdom

(2 green moonstone centrepoint)


The Selene bodychain serves as a powerful tool for awakening your intuitive connection and inspiring trust in your inner wisdom over your analytical mind.


Wearing the Selene Bodychain, you'll experience the profound influence of the green moonstone, supporting your soul's journey and amplifying your connection to your divine power, infinite wisdom, and inner guidance.


This adornment harmonizes your heart and power, encouraging you to lead from a space of profound authenticity.


As you embark on your path, you'll exude confidence that extends far beyond your physical being, radiating your inner light and purpose.


This collection has been handcrafted in my home island, Moorea. It's here that I find inspiration in the songs of the birds, the gentle whispers of the wind, and the rhythmic lull of the crashing waves. The essence of this feminine island infuses and amplifies the magic and frequency of your adornment.


  • Chain, wire & clam: 14k gold filled
  • Extender & charm 14k gold plated
  • White sweet water pearls
  • Green moonstone


  • Neck: 54cm + 5cm extender
  • Centre piece: 15cm
  • Waist: 82,5cm + 5cm extender


Should you need any adjustments, kindly leave us a note. It's our delight to tailor your adornment to your unique essence.