What if we told you, you are not just a woman; you are a GODDESS. 

You have a connection to the divine that can change the world.

What if we told you that your power comes from within, by remembering the truth behind the lies you've been told? 

You have a unique light, an inner beauty and divine feminine power that longs to shine.

And what if we told you that your sensuality was sacred?

Your pleasure, a gateway to unlock your greatest potential. 

✢ ✢ ✢

Soul Creations is more than just jewelry

These adornments are designed to guide and support you on your mission to activate your highest potential and power. 


This project was born from my pleasure and joy, while being immersed in nature.

In 2021, I went through a big healing journey. I took a break on some small islands in French Polynesia and unplugged from my phone for a while. During this time, I started creating jewelry with the black Tahitian pearls. A lovely Tahitian woman gifted me some pearls while staying with her, and I felt inspired to make jewelry for myself. To my surprise, others loved the pieces I wore so much that they wanted to buy them right off my body! First I thought this is just a cuincidence, but when I travelled with them around the world, the magic continued and made me quit everything else I was doing to create beauty and adorning goddesses. Nothing in the world gives me more pleasure and joy than the shift in a woman's radiance when they find their adornment.

Thank you for following along in this journey.



Each piece of our adornments is lovingly handcrafted with high frequencies, intention and soul activations.

Adorning yourself with our jewelry is a reclamation of your divine feminine power, inner beauty, and sensuality. 

Celebrate and adorn your body temple, goddess.

You're not alone in this journey

You are part of a web of women reclaiming their divine feminine power around the globe.

You found our little virtual sanctuary to remember your divine nature, embody your inner beauty, and dance to the rhythm of your sensuality.

Together, we rise and elevate each other. Together, we shine brighter. 

✢ ✢ ✢