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Abalone Bodychain

Abalone Bodychain

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Embrace your inner mystic.

Abalone shell's iridescent colors offer calming and balancing energies that help address suppressed emotions, and encourage deeper connection to your feminine energy. Worn near your heart and solar plexus chakra, this body chain enhances intuition and inspires confidence on your spiritual journey, extending beyond your physical form.


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Embrace your Inner Mystic


Embrace the healing power of the Abalone shell as it adorns your body, supporting your emotional well-being and opening a gateway to the spirit world.


The iridescent colors of the Abalone shell emanate a calming and balancing energy, particularly adept at soothing emotions that are often suppressed, including sadness, grief, loneliness, and resentment. This mystical shell, born from the depths of the ocean, shares a profound connection with water, symbolizing the depths of your own emotions.


Abalone pearls, reminiscent of the goddess's tears, serve as a reminder to stay in touch with your emotions and feminine energy. The natural shield of the Abalone carries protective energies, enveloping you in a sense of tranquility. Worn close to your heart and solar plexus chakra, it empowers you to perceive situations from a new, more compassionate perspective.


This body chain acts as a conduit for your intuition, encouraging you to trust and act upon the wisdom of your body, transcending the confines of your mind.


As you wear this transformative adornment, you'll sense the remarkable influence of the Abalone shell, nurturing a profound connection to your emotions and soul. It harmonizes your heart and personal power, inspiring you to lead from this sacred space, ultimately infusing you with newfound confidence on your spiritual journey—a radiance that extends far beyond your physical form.


This collection has been handcrafted in my home island, Moorea. It's here that I find inspiration in the songs of the birds, the gentle whispers of the wind, and the rhythmic lull of the crashing waves. The essence of this feminine island infuses and amplifies the magic and frequency of your adornment.


Chain, wire & clam: 14k gold filled

Extender 14k gold plated

White sweet water pearls

Abalone shell



Neck: 54cm + 5cm extender

Centerpiece: 15cm

Waist: 82.5cm + 5cm extender


Should you require any adjustments, please feel free to leave us a note. We are delighted to customize your adornment to harmonize with your unique body temple.

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