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Feminine Leadership Hand Chain

Feminine Leadership Hand Chain

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The black pearls used in this hand chain are like the diamonds of the ocean, one of the most valued and treasured gems in the world as they spent 18 months in the depths of the pacific ocean in French Polynesia and mother nature decided to take a break of reproducing new oysters. (Which means for the next few years, these are the only pieces I have left-magnetized by very specific women)


If this hand chain is resonating with you, chances are high that you are a new earth Leader, raising the vibration of the planet and shining your light in your unique way.


The mysterious beauty of the Tahitian pearls symbolizes strength and power to lead your life and mission from an empowered and pure place. 


They represent wealth, strength, wisdom, feminine power, success, good luck, protection, and even immortality. 


Black pearls provide protection from evil forces on your mission, so you can be a clear channel for source energy to flow through you.


They can help you to unblock energy in your body, so your life force can flow freely into your divine creations.


Once you are connected with your hand chain, you will feel its activation immediately. Over time you will code this adornment with your beautiful frequency, supported by the pearls. 


Black pearls are also known to bring luck, protection and prosperity.

There is not a single black pearl (Keishi) that looks like another which represents the beauty of us women. All beautiful in their own unique ways.


This Feminine Leadership hand chain activates your divine feminine power, it helps you to connect with your emotions and to protect your sensitivity (which is your superpower on your mission).


This special piece supports you to lead your life and your mission from your heart and feminine power, and not to fall into the illusion of your mind, conditioning and fear. 


The black pearls represent Kali energy, bringing healing, activation and magic to your body ,heart and soul. 


Chain, wire & clasp: 14k gold filled

Extender: 14k gold plated

Tahitian Black Pearls




This adornment will be custom-made to your body temple